Bullet only firing in 1 direction.

I am trying to make a bullet shoot in the direction a gun is pointing, but it just keeps firing in the global Vector3.forwarddirection, not the way the gun is pointing. How would I make the bullet fire in the direction the gun is pointing?

public class AssaultRifle : MonoBehaviour {

    public Rigidbody bullet;
    public float ShootForce = 10f;
    public GameObject gun_end; 
    public AudioSource ShotSound;
    public GameObject playerEyes; 
    public float RateOfFire = 15f;

    private float NextTimeToFire = 0f;

    void Shoot () {
        Rigidbody BulletClone = (Rigidbody)Instantiate(bullet, gun_end.transform.position, gun_end.transform.rotation);
        BulletClone.velocity = Vector3.forward * ShootForce; //this is the place where the bullet should shoot in a straight line from gun_end, but it doesn't. 
        Instantiate(ShotSound, gun_end.transform.position, gun_end.transform.rotation); 
	void Update () {
        if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.Mouse0) && Time.time >= NextTimeToFire)
            NextTimeToFire = Time.time + 1f / RateOfFire;

You might need to try

BulletClone.velocity = transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.forward * ShootForce);

Or some variation of that. I got that code from the unity API Here