Bullet penatration marks

I put a texture of a bullet mark on a plane and everytime my bullet is destroyed(when it collides with a game object) it instantiates the plane with the texture. 1.it doesnt always face the way i want it how do i fix tht? 2. it sometimes instantiates before collision randomly and idky. 3.how do i make it alpha so only the bullet mark shows? 4. is there any diffrent ways recommended to do this

See this answer.


In the Bootcamp Demo on Unity's website, the machine gun makes bullet marks on the mesh the bullet is supposed to collide with. I have not studied the demo in depth, but it could be a guide for your game.

If you download (or have already downloaded) Unity 3, the Bootcamp demo is installed, unless you choose not to. If you open the project, you should be able to view the scripts inside.