Bullet Race, open world action racing

Bullet Race is a open world low poly action racing game that I'm currently developing in my spare time. Take control of a racer and free-roam across open world to earn money through racing, for your better life. Take part in classic races or choose a more dangerous one, a race with weapons, where speed, power and accuracy are required.


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Forest environment
I'm now working on small forest environment. The forest contain multiple different tree models and stones. The models were made in Blender and then exported to Unity.

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Camera System, Car HP and basic UI
I have included car health points or car condition, so every collision or been hit by bullet will do damage to the car. The damage of player car is shown with UI slider in the right corner. To get your car repaired I will include repairs shops in the future.
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Improving visuals, new lake and deliver system
For the past couple days, I have been working on improving visuals such as colors, shadows and contrast. Replacing those very contrast colors with more naturals one, to make it more pleasant too the player.
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