BUllet spawning offeset and lighting problems...

Hi guys,

Well, after spending months on my racing game, I have finished and am now onto the next project :smiley:

I have a bit of an issue. It’s probably REALLY simple but I’m tired… lol.

I have a gun turret that swings in 360 degrees. It’s a top down, 2D game. The problem is, when my bullets spawn, they spawn at the center of the turret. I need them to be offset a bit. Obviously if I just offset the X, they’ll always spawn from the side of the turret… how do I go about offsetting the bullet so that spawns from the end of the gun, no matter what angle the gun is at?

Also, each bullet has a light attached and it faces along the Z axis, but I want it to face along the x, lighting up the turret as it fires… I have tried accessing the light’s transform and rotation but it doesn’t work. No doubt I am going the complete wrong way about this!

Any help muchly appreciated!!!

Fixed the bullet spawning. Duh. I just added a spawn point at the end of the gun. Still confused as to light angle, though.