bullet wont move forward

i have this script:

 var projectile : Rigidbody;
 var speed = 1;
 var barrel : Transform;
 var shots :  int  =  0 ;
 var maxShots :  int  =  1 ;
 var fwd : Vector3;
 function Update () {
     fwd = transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.forward);
 if ( Input.GetButtonDown ("Fire1") && shots < maxShots){
        var bullet1 : Rigidbody;
        bullet1 = Instantiate(projectile, barrel.position, barrel.rotation) as Rigidbody;
        bullet1.GetComponent(Rigidbody).useGravity = false;
        bullet1.GetComponent(Rigidbody).AddForce(fwd * speed, ForceMode.Impulse);
 shots ++;
 else if (shots >= maxShots && Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.R))
 function Reload() {
  yield WaitForSeconds(0.5); 
         shots = 0;

it’ s not 100% mine i used some parts of a tutorial but when i add the force my bullet will just float in the air where it is spawned
can someone tell me whats wrong cause i honestly thing it should work but it’ s probably something small

You are adding force of 1, If you didn’t change the mass of rigidbody (which is 1 by default) you are adding way to small force to it. Try bigger values for your speed, and see what happens or alternatively decrease the mass of the bullet.

Also you can remove the code from update, there is no need to run it every frame.

i fixed my problem that kanematic shouldn’ t be on but off so i changed and now it works its strange though cause unity actually can’t do without it if you have mesh collider on so i changed it to sphere