Bullet won't move with gun?

I’ve just implemented gun movement into my slowmotion bullet dodging game so that the player will be fired at from different places rather than all in the one limb. Unfortunately, the bullet that sits in the barrel of the gun won’t move with the gun, even if i attach the exact same movement script to it as is on the gun itself, it’ll then fly off out of the arena never to be seen again.

I’m wondering how could I constrain the bullet to the guns position without setting it as a child of the gun, as when I use the child feature the bullet seems to rotate randomly and hover above the gun as if it’s speed is double the guns speed.

Is there any simple (or even complicated?) way to lock the bullets position to the gun?

I don’t understand why you cant use an empty game object as your spawnPoint for the bullets. Then when you Instantiate the bullet just feed in the spawnPoints transform.

The empty game object used as the spawnPoint would not have any scripts attched and would only be parented to the gun as a transform reference so you should not have any of the excess speed movement issues you were talking about that you had for the bullets.

one way to solve it is to use a rigidbody and let the physics do the work for you. instantiate the bullet, addrelative force to it using guns trajectory etc. make sure you delete it quickly as this way can be a bit heavier.