Bullets not spawning in other clients but its spawning on the client that shot it.

Hi. I’m currently using the network manager, network hud, network identity and network transform components. I have a gun attached to the player that looks at where the mouse pointer is located.

My problem is, whenever I try to shoot its showing up on the client that actually shot the bullet but on the other client, the bullets are not there, its like nothing is happening. Anyone wonder why?

Here’s what the prefab contains:

Your client must tell the server it wants to shoot and the server must spawn the bullet. I guess your just instantiating it. Check the official tutorial, there’s a section that spawns and synchronize bullets in all clients: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/UNetSetup.html

Search the titles there for bullets, first it’s implemented from a singleplayer approach and then the networked behaviour is added.