Bullets shoot 90 degrees to the right?

Well, I am a noob and am following some tutorials online; whilst doing them I realized that whenever I shoot the machine gun from the FPS tutorial assets the bullets shoot about 90 degrees to the right. Also, when I shoot the rocket launcher it says the rocket was created in the hierarchy tab, but nothing shows up on my screen.

It’s possible that you entered a rotation incorrectly or are using the wrong axis. For example, here is a simple movement script:

var speed : float = 3;

function Update ()
var translationX : float = Input.GetAxis ("Vertical") * speed;
var translationZ : float = Input.GetAxis ("Horizontal") * speed;
translationX *= Time.deltaTime;
translationZ *= Time.deltaTime;
transform.Translate (translationX, 0, translationZ);

If translationX and 0 were switched for example, then when the pressed the left and right arrow keys, they would move up and down along the y axis. To get a better idea of your problem though, I would need to see the code.