Bump Mapping

Okay basically I know i probably sound like i have no idea what im doing, but i kinda do (I think!). Basically i have managed to apply a normal map to my material of a tiled floor, and in design mode it looks perfectly applied, but as soon as i press play to test it it just disappears, leaving only the flat diffuse visible. When i stop the game test, it renders in the design view fine again :frowning: Is there a problem wit my camera?? :frowning: Help :wink:

Hereโ€™s a screenshot of my workspace and test scene, as you can see there are no scripts attached to the plane i have tested the textur on. On the design window you can see the bumps from the normal map, but on the game view itโ€™s just a flat diffuse :confused:

Bump mapped materials should work out of the box with no scripts required.

Just create a material with a bump map shader, then pick the diffuse and normal texture in the property inspector. Then drag this material onto your game object.

See Materials and Shaders.

If you have any scripts involved, please post them so we can better assist you.