Bumper car physics when colliding with a wall.

I’m developing a game with a faux car physics, which is actually a box with almost 0 frictions physic material pushed around along its forward vector. I’ve mentioned this in my previous thread (which doesn’t get any reply, unfortunately): http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/car-tutorial-didnt-work-in-unity-5-0-1.328236/#post-2130020 . I can’t use the wheel collider and I didn’t make a raytracing one for the car physics. But the one I use is actually good enough, because my game is only an isometric car game, like “Pako Car Chase” or “Mini Motor Racing”.

Now, I’ve got a physics problem. My employer wanted me to make a physics that will behave unlike the usual physics if colliding into a wall. I don’t know how to put it into English, so I’ll put it into some images.

Currently, the usual physics of collision will go like this, right?

But, my employer wanted it to go like this:

So basically, maybe he wanted it to behave similarly to a bumper car. If the car collided with a wall, it won’t bounce but will traverse along the wall instead. So, any idea about how to do that? I’m currently blank right now. Thanks.

Answering my own question. So I solved it (although imperfectly) by changing the physic material settings.

This is the changes that I use:

Static friction = 0

Dynamic friction = 0

Friction Combine = Minimum

It can slide / traverse along the wall now. However, the orientation didn’t change (well, obviously with 0 frictions). Good enough for now though I still would like to get a better answer than this.


To change the orientation you have to rotate it manually.