Bumpmapping and Lightmapping for Static Objects

Hi the following question is quite the same like this one :Lightmapping Question

But the answer didn't really helped me. I tried out different shadow distance settings (in "Render Settings -> "Quality") but without success...

Now my question:

I have some static level elements in my scene and did the light setup for them. Their materials are "Diffuse Bump" or "Specular Bump" . With the original lights it looks quite nice but after i baked the lightmaps the Bump and Specular effekt is gone :( I searched quita a while but didn't found a working solution.

All of my models are UV maped and painted but unity/beast creates other UV maps with different UV coordinates.. so i cant use the baked lightmap with the included "lightmap shader" because the lightmap UV coordinates are different.

What Options do i have to activate the bump effect ?

If i miss some important settings could you pleas describe them step by step?

Is it possible to bake the bumped material to texture and use this baked texture with the lightmaps (is it even possible to bake other textures like lightmaps?) ?

Or do you have any other ideas how to solve this ?

I would be really happy about a woking solution :) I think i am not the only one with this issue.

Greetings Magistrix

Render Dual Lightmaps in Deferred Lighting mode (Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Other Settings -> Rendering Path*). The below information is from the Unity manual.

"Dual lightmaps is Unity's approach to make lightmapping work with specular, normal mapping and proper blending of baked and realtime shadows. It's also a way to make your lightmaps look good even if the lightmap resolution is low.

Dual lightmaps by default can only be used in the Deferred Lighting rendering path. In Forward rendering path, it's possible to enable Dual Lightmaps by writing custom shaders (use dualforward surface shader directive). "

Did this really work for you? Because my textures look really dull, no matter what lighting mode I selected.

This method requires deferred rendering(Pro only feature) and will not be supported for use in iOS/Android because of performance issue.