BurgZerg Arcade inventory system tutorials... Incomplete!!

There is an annoying issue that has been on my nerves for such a long time… The inventory system in the BurgZerg Arcade tutorials is very well done, however! there is one thing that is missing and annoys me plenty! :stuck_out_tongue:
That is the limitless inventory system. The inventory is limitless, bottomless, endless… Because I have been following the tutorials from beginning to end, and that Peter Laliberte is such a fantastic programmer, I cannot work out how his code is structured in order to limit the array for the inventory. This is VERY annoying…

Also the fact that items cannot be discarded in any way, only looted from chests… If anyone worked on the tutorials, and updated/upgraded his code, can you please aid me? My mind is spinning in triangles.

Sorry for the cheesy jokes and thanks in advance!

(I didn’t see every episode, only someone)

Probably he used a List to create an InventorySystem, and probably he used C# (Because the tutorial I saw he wrote everything in C#). If so, you have to take the list and remove the element you need to delete:


Hope it’s correct and useful :slight_smile: