BurgZurgArcade Tutorial

Help! I've been watching the BurgZurgArcade Unity3d tutorial, and everything seemed to be going fine, but when i got to episode 20, he dragged the character generator script onto the main camera and it worked fine for him. But when I tried it, Unity tells me to resolve any compile errors first, so I look back and find the script that had an error. I was fixing the very last error I had which was this: I accidentally put

 using System.Collection.Generic;

instead of

using System.Collections.Generic;

so I added the s on the end of collection to match BurgZurgArcade's script. But when I saved the script, Unity popped up and told me now that I now have 69 errors instead of zero which is what I should have because the using System.Collections.Generic; was the last error I had!

Help please I don't know what to do!

That's just how the compiler works. When you have a lot of errors, the compiler isn't going to be able to understand your code. Fixing the code enough to get past one error can open up floodgates of other errors, because the compiler is able to move on to them.

Post a link to the code, and then we can tell you how to fix it.

That means that you have errors in your code not the using System so check your code and make sure there is no errors and put capitals in certain spots.

If you show me the script i can fix it for you