[Burst] Error CS1056: Unexpected Character'

When I trying to update my old unity project from lower version to the 2021.3.1f1,I encounter this bug. Can some one help me out ?

I have tried delete all folder except asset, Asset and ProjectSetting and reimport, none of them can solve this.

Library\PackageCache\com.unity.burst@1.6.5\Runtime\Intrinsics\v128.cs(1,1): error CS1056: Unexpected character ’

I know sometimes this Unexpected character bug happens in the script because I use wrong type of characters. But this just happens in the unity offical packages.

Try this:

  1. Close Unity down
  2. Delete directory: C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Unity\cache
  3. Delete directory: <PROJECT_DIR>\Library
  4. Delete file: <PROJECT_DIR>\Packages\packages-lock.json (optional)
  5. Open the project again

This will force the editor to redownload and reimport all the remote packages in the project.