Business simulation in Unity

Hey guys,

I want to create a business simulation / planning game with a Unity frontend.
It will run on iOS, and should allow multiple players and rudimentary AI (for testing and demo purposes) to play against each other. After each player has entered data like sale prices etc. the server should calculate the actual sales of each product for each player.
Now here’s my question: Does anyone of you have recommendations for the server backend?
I am quite good at C#, but I am sure I would also be able to use PHP or JavaScript for the server. Any comments are welcome!


It depends a little on what you want, but I’d suggest as a starting point for both database and web service provision.

If you want to go custom then there are a lot of database options available (AWS DynamoDB / RDS, Azure, MongoDB, CouchDB ). You can also use more traditional systems like MySQL which may be appropriate depending on the data you’re processing / load etc.

For servers, PHP will be fine. You might want to consider something like NodeJS but again, it really depends on what you’re after.