Button audio get cut when pressing it

Hey guys,
I have a script of main menu with “Join” button, I added an audio so when I click it does sound effect, but just by clicking on it the audio plays but dont finish, it just redirect me to where the button leads to (its like the audio get cut) is there any solution like adding a delay of 0.5sec so the audio can be fully heard?

Try using OnClick() function instead of the OnPointerDown() function.

Thanks for your help, but I’m working on the same scene (the scene doesnt change after I click on the button but it loads a Panel) the issue here after few tries I ve noticed that the sound get cut because my Event Trigger is set on Pointer Down, so when I hold my pointer down I can hear the full audio, but if i click fast the audio is cut… changing the pointer also doesnt make it work. Any suggestion I can do?