Button Hitzone issues

I saw a guide on here on how to basically make a button, then put a child image for that button, set the button to 0 alpha in color, put the image as the target graphic in the button script, and then use the button for the hitbox & the image for the technical button “visual”.

My issue is that my button is so small when I import it in that I have to stretch it and resize it for the time being. (We are going to eventually re-do all the images so I will have an image the correct size made when the time comes).

When I stretch/resize it, the hitbox stretches with it and I can click it everywhere. It’s so annoying.

Is there any way to fix this for the time being? I know there’s no permanent fix without fixing the button size, but I just can’t do that right now practically.

Any info would be seriously deeply appreciated as this is the only thing hindering most of my progress.

I’ve written a helper script for this.