Button Masher Help,Button Masher Script

Hello Guys!
As the title states i’m trying to create a simple button mashing game where the player mashes any button on their keyboard to punch a ragdoll infront of them.

I want every punch to add force on the X axis and a bit on the Y axis to give it some height as well as i plan to make this similar to the Super Smash Bro’s game mode where you beat up a sandbag and try to send it as far as you can (2 Ganondorfs 19,360FT Home Run Contest SSBB WR - YouTube).

Issue is, I have no idea where to even begin as I’ve tried anyKeyDown with a small timer between inputs but it’s not smooth at all. I tried working it based off of animations where every time the punch connected it would add force to the RigidBody but it also didn’t work and I’m just completely lost as to how to even go about this. If anyone has spare time to just point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

Could you post the code so I can have a closer look at what’s going wrong?