Button name for scrollwheel in input manager


Can anyone tell me the button name for mouse scrollwheel up and down in input manager? As it stands, the wheel is performing its function, but only the positive button is configurable by the player. It looks like both buttons need to be set in the input manager to allow the players to configure them.

The screenshot should help clarify the info I need. Thanks for taking the time!

EDIT: Still haven’t been able to find this, any takers?


It looks like this is the answer.

Make sure that the axis is setup in the input manager and named accordingly. The default “Mouse ScrollWheel” is of type “Mouse Movement” and uses the 3rd axis which is normally the scrollwheel.

You should go with “Mouse ScrollWheel”:

var v = Input.GetAxis(“Mouse ScrollWheel”);
if (v > 0)
else if (v < 0)

It’s mouse 2

As long as you have these settings it should work even if you don’t have player input set to anything Gravity 1000
Dead 0.001
Sensitivity 1000
Snap - no
invert - no
type - mouse movement
axis - 3rd axis (joysticks and scroll wheel