Button.OnClic.AddListener(delegate{method(object);}), wrong object sent

Hi ! I have an array of object of type Station, and I’d like to generate one button per item, then when the button is clicked I want to do something with the corresponding Station object. Here’s a simplified version of relevant code :

foreach(Station s in stations)
   GameObject b = Instantiate(buttonTemplate) as GameObject;
   Button b2 = b.GetComponent<Button>();
   b2.onClick.AddListener(delegate {setStation(s);});

//and further down
public void setStation(Station s)

No matter what button I clic, setStation is always called with the last element of the array, not the one corresponding to the button I clicked.

Why is this happening, and what is the correct way to get the result I want ?
Thanks for help !

Create a local Station variable in the foreach and pass it into the setStation() method.