Button.onClick.AddListener(() => Attack()); isn't running function math correctly

I have a menu with multiple functions and settings so I am using the below code to switch methods via state, but something is going wrong with the math except when I associate the method with an input, so I know there’s something wrong with the OnClick.AddListener I am using. Here’s a video

case (BattleStates.PLAYERCHOICE):
// Seupt Battle Function
Button1text.text = "WaterPunch";
Button1b.onClick.AddListener(() => Attack());


	if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.W))


public void Attack()
    	enemyHealth.battleEHealth -= 2 + (3 * levelUp.currentPlayerLevel);

In the video the debug is rising for the “Player Choice”, which means, that every time it’s called, the Method is again added to the button. Add it just once at the beginning or something.