Button OnClick function call not working 2017.1

I had buttons working previously, but recently it appears to have stopped working and I am unclear as to why. Essentially the changes include, updating to 2017.1, and implementing a singleton to persist my level manager.

I went through trying to troubleshoot the level manager, but eventually just copied the code into a new script and tore out all of the singleton functions, created a new scene with a single canvas and button and level manager game object and applied it directly.

However even this has failed to correct the lack of function execution, even Debug.Log(“help im stuck”); fails to execute.

Hoping someone can point out where i have gone wrong here.

i have also noticed that my current UI doesn’t seem to match the documentation, did they update the OnClick UI in 2017.1?

the script for the level manager test is:

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;
public class lvlmgr2test : MonoBehaviour {

public void ContinueGame(){
	Debug.Log ("Continueing last game");
		Debug.Log("what the?");


and the button looks like:

Your inspector is in debug mode. Click the cog in the upper right and select normal.
Try setting your button again.