Button seems unresponsive. c#

When I click my Button, nothing seems to happen, not even a click.
I want it to generate a new Grass prefab in front of the camera.

My canvas (which i cant re position) has Z level of 90.
My Panel has Z level of 0.
My Button has Z level of 10.

  • My _Manager object has a script:
    MakeNew with a function Generate.
  • My Button has as onClick,
    MakeNew.Generate from _Manager.
  • my public GameObject is a grass tile
  • My Camera is at(0, 0, -10).

Code in _Manager:

public class MakeNew : MonoBehaviour {

public GameObject grass;

public void Generate () {
	Instantiate(grass, new Vector3(0, 0, 0), Quaternion.identity);

make sure your button is child of a canvas and you have an EventSystem and GraphicsRaycaster component in the scene.