Button to create object???

hi can anyone make me a script that does so when a player press a button on the keyboard (/) a object will get deleted/removed and when the button (*) is pressed on the keyboard the object will come back

This forum isn't really about people writing complete scripts for you; for that, you might have better luck on the Unity 'Collaboration' forum.

As for your question though, I think the first question is, do you really need to destroy and recreate the object, or would it be sufficient simply to activate/deactivate it or enable/disable its visual components?

In either case, here are some things to look into:

  • Input.GetKeyDown() and GetButtonDown()
  • The Destroy() function
  • The Instantiate() function
  • GameObject.active
  • renderer.enabled (that is, the enabled field of the renderer for a game object)