Buttonpress animation

How do I play a animation called “thunderbolt_reload” when I press r and how do I play “AIM_thunderbolt” when I hold down RMB?
(Sorry if I ask to many “simple” questions)

First, you have to put the animations in the Animator windows that you then link to your character or whatever you want to play the animation. Then you make a transition and set the parameter to a boolean.

Then you should attach a script and do something like this:

					anim.SetBool("thunderbolt", true);

So the boolean is named thunderbolt, and when I press “R”, it will say that the boolean is true, and that the animation is played.
I hope this helped, and if you need extra information, I should take a look at this tutorial. It’s a great tutorial and it helped me alot back in the days! Best of luck!!