Buttons are not working with multiple panels

I have checked many many questions and have not found anyone with the same problem. Under my settings scene in unity I have ONE canvas with THREE different panels. Each panel contains multiple buttons. Only one panel works. Its the panel that is closet to the bottom of the hierarchy. Can anybody help me figure out how to make them all work at once? I have checked my event system time and time again all the settings are right. My canvas has a raycasts. And all buttons rayasts are active. Ive tried many other things.

Unless you specify otherwise, UI elements specified last in the hierarchy will render on top of other elements in the same space (screen space overlay, screen space camera, world). Are the panels drawn on top of each other? Do they share the same dimensions? If they do in fact draw on top of each other, you’ll want to unmark the panels as being a Raycast Target to allow click through.