Button's sprite swap works fine but it doesn't change the related image's source image! why?

Hi, i’m trying to get access to the current sprite of the button’s image component, but there is something that confuses me and it’s that :

when i set the button interactable parameter to false and then the sprite swap does it’s job and changes the sprite of the button’s image to Disabled Sprite state, the thing that it happens is that i can see that the button’s sprite changes in game but when i’m accessing the source image of the image component i still get the last one not the current image that it’s being shown in game.

so i think there is something related to target graphic of the button that i don’t know and also is there a way to get access to the current sprite via Image component?

in this image button is interactable and it shows the white sprite:

here button in not interactable and as you can see sprite that is shown is red but the source image still has white sprite in it!!!

There is a lot of information missing here so it might be hard to help. Maybe a few screenshots would help!

From what I can understand you want to get access to the sprite that is in the Image component of a button. Are you trying to access this through code or in the inspector?