BVH animation files

is there a way to use animations which are stored in a .bvh file in Unity. I made a lot of animations a while a go, before i started to make games for movies, and now i have ver 15000 BVH files with idol, walk, fight, and climb animations. Now i wanted to know if there is a way, that lets me import a rigged model and then assign the animations to it? Thanks for the help!

I think you should convert them in a polysoup App like Maya to a file format that Unity accepts natively.

I got this to work last spring by using this MEL script from Creative Crash and following this outline (For Maya 2010 on Mac):

  1. Place the BVH MEL script here:

  2. Mac Volumes. . . . ./Users/Shared/Autodesk/maya/2010/scripts/ (Will vary obviously)

  3. In Maya, Open the Script Editor -- Window/General Editor/Script Editor

  4. In the Script Editor, Select File/Save script to shelf -- save as BVH.

I'm not sure if there are comparable utilities for other modeling apps. What do you have access to out of curiosity?

Hope that is helpful.


Here is a tutorial in French

I’ve made a tool that allows you to import BVH files into the Unity game engine:

BvhImporterExporter: BvhImporterExporter (for Unity 3D) by Winterdust