BVH animation performance on iOS devices?

Has anyone here tested BVH(motion capture) animation inside of an iOS unity app(using multiple actors preferably)?

I've heard that there can be a sizable performance hit, and to stick with traditionally animated skeletons(20 bones or less) for realtime animation on iOS devices. Does anyone have any insight they can offer, experiences with this preferably?

Unity won't know how you created your animations as long as you bake your BVH into bone-based keyframe animations and export them as a file format Unity can read.

Your biggest problem will be your meshes themselves. Using too many bones is a big performance hit and that is really what you want to watch out for. You might want to go through your animations after you capture them and simplify them (Do you really need each finger etc?)

Unity has keyframe reduction in the import settings that will also help optimize your animations.