bza, Saving color to player prefs

here is the colorpicker code i am using,

  if (GUI.RepeatButton(new Rect(xxx, yyy, xxx, yyy), colorPicker,"ColorPickerStyle"))) {
        Vector2 pickpos = Event.current.mousePosition;
        Vector2 coords = new Vector2((pickpos.x - xxx) / xxx, -(pickpos.y - yyy) / yyy);
        Color color = colorPicker.GetPixelBilinear(coords.x, coords.y);
			_headMaterial.SetColor ("_Color",col);

and use GameSettings2.SaveColor( col );

and this is what i am trying to do to save

and load from gamesettings script,

		public static String SaveColor( string col ) {
	PlayerPrefs.SetString( "col", Color );
	public static String LoadColor() {
 return PlayerPrefs.GetString( "col", Color );

and my error, currently anyways, is

Assets/_Scripts/_Items/GameSettings2.cs(87,37): error CS0161: `GameSettings2.SaveColor(string)': not all code paths return a value
so what am i doing wrong? cause i am failing to truly understand what i am really doing lool i cant seem to get it to work, though choosing the color etc, works fine, i might not have fully translated java to c#? any help or straight forward fix would be grand, thank you!!

// “not all code paths return a value”
// ||
// vvvvvv
public static String SaveColor( string col ) {
// ^^^^^^
PlayerPrefs.SetString( “col”, Color );

Your code expets SaveColor to return a string, but you aren’t returning anything there. Either remove String from the signature or return a string.

You can’t save a Color as a string; they are different types. Use ArrayPrefs2, then you can just do PlayerPrefsX.SetColor/GetColor and save yourself a lot of bother.