C# and JavaScript Event system causing

I’m having problem with my event system. I set it up in C# like this
public delegate void FirePressed();
public static event FirePressed Fire;

	public delegate void AimPressed();
	public static event AimPressed Aim;
	public delegate void ActionPressed();
	public static event ActionPressed Action;
	public void ButtonPressed(string ActiveButton)
			case "Fire":
				if(Fire != null)
			case "Aim":
				if(Aim != null)
			case "Action":
				if(Action != null)

and my javascript code contains this in it

ButtonControl.Aim += ADS;

but unity keeps saying that ButtonControl (the name of the c# script) is an unknown identifier. Does anyone know how to get the JS script to recognize the c# script

FYI I followed all of the compiler procedures.

According to this post you need to place the C# file you wish to access in the “Plugins” folder so that it is accessible during compilation. However, I am not clear as to why you would be combining JS and C#, if you’re already using C# you might be better served rewriting any lingering JS as C# code.