C# Character Stats Error

So I’m making a statistics script for my game and I’m getting an error here is the error

Assets/Scripts/Character Classes/ModifiedStat.cs(21,66): error CS1061: Type Attribute’ does not contain a definition forAdjustedValue’ and no extension method AdjustedValue’ of typeAttribute’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

And then I’m using 3 scripts so here’s all of them

public class BaseStat {
    	private int _baseValue;				//the base value of this stat
    	private int _buffValue;				//the amount of the buff to this stat
    	private int _expToLevel;			//the total amount of exp needed to raise this skill
    	private float _levelModifier;		//the modifier applied to the exp needed to raise the skill
    	public BaseStat() {
    		_baseValue = 0;
    		_buffValue = 0;
    		_levelModifier = 1.1f;
    		_expToLevel = 100;
    #region Basic Setters and Getters
    	//Basic Setters and Getters
    	public int BaseValue {
    		get{ return _baseValue; }
    		set{ _baseValue = value; }
    	public int BuffValue {
    		get { return _buffValue; }
    		set { _buffValue = value; }
    	public int ExpToLevel {
    		get{ return _expToLevel; }
    		set{ _expToLevel = value; }
    	public float LevelModifier {
    		get{ return _levelModifier; }
    		set{ _levelModifier = value; }
    	private int CalculateExpToLevel() {
    		return (int)(_expToLevel * _levelModifier);
    	public void LevelUp() {
    		_expToLevel = CalculateExpToLevel();
    	public int AdjustedBaseValue() {
    		return _baseValue + _buffValue;

    using System.Collections.Generic;
    public class ModifiedStat : BaseStat {
    	private List<ModifyingAttribute> _mods;		//A list of Attributes that modify this stat
    	private int _modValue;						//The amount added to the baseValue from the modifiers
    	public ModifiedStat() {
    		_mods = new List<ModifyingAttribute>();
    		_modValue = 0;
    	public void AddModifier( ModifyingAttribute mod) {
    	private void CalculateModValue() {
    		_modValue = 0;
    		if(_mods.Count > 0)
    			foreach(ModifyingAttribute att in _mods)
    				_modValue += (int)(att.attribute.AdjustedValue * att.ratio);
    	public new int AdjustedBaseValue {
    		get{ return BaseValue + BuffValue + _modValue; }
    	public void Update() {
    public struct ModifyingAttribute {
    	public Attribute attribute;
    	public float ratio;

    public class Attribute : BaseStat {
    	public Attribute() {
    		ExpToLevel = 50;
    		LevelModifier = 1.05f;
    public enum AttributeName {

The one I get the errors in is the ModifiedStat Script (Second one) but they all intertwine with each other (mainly BaseStat) so if anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated!

Looks like AdjustedValue should be AdjustedBaseValue.

Best Regards