C# Coding Problem (float),C# Coding Problems (Float)

Hello All,
I am watching a video of how to create a fps survival game and I have come across an issue and hope someone can help resolve this. In dreamweaver it won’t let me use float and im not able to find an answer:

public float maxhealth, maxthirst, maxhunger;

Thanks!,Hi all,
I am starting to learn to create games by watching a tutorial on youtube. In this video the person puts into his coding application ‘float’, I put this into my coding program (Dreamweaver) and this doesn’t seem to work :(. Can anyone help me with this problem thank you.

How do I change my coding equipment as I am really new to unity and Dreamweaver is the default application that opens!

Good day.

1 - Explain your problem
2- Why DreamWeaver? this isnt for web pages coding? You should not use that for unity…
3- Watch more tutorials, from things that are not directly related with fps game, and will understand and discovera lot of things.