C#: Declaring a script as a variable

public class WallProperties : MonoBehaviour
public Door door;

	public bool IsDoor(bool enable) //enable=true
			print (enable); //prints true
			door=new Door();
			door.DoorStart(); //sets values to default
			print(door.GetStyle ()); //prints current value
			print ((door==null)?"True":"False");  //prints true
		return(door==null); //returns true
  • I am trying to have the 'door' variable not NULL
  • The mono class is not attached to anything
  • It gave me lip when the "new Door()" was removed
  • With the "new Door()" I am able to access the Door class

However, the variable ‘door’ stays NULL. Is there a way that the ‘door’ variable can be declared and not be NULL or should I just have a boolean class variable for the door?

you need to properly instantiate your Door if it is an object. Or you can add the class as a component and then create a reference to that component.

When you are not attaching your class to a gameobject you need to use ScriptableObject.

A class you can derive from if you want to create objects that don’t need to be attached to game objects.

This is most useful for assets which are only meant to store data.