C++ Error After Automated Build

I have an automated build process for compiling the Unity project I am working on. While compiling the asset bundles and scenes, I am always seeing the following two errors. Does anyone know what these errors are trying to tell me? Obviously, the Unity Editor shouldn't be getting into this state. Is there something I'm doing wrong that is causing this to occur? What problems will I run into if I ignore the error messages (I prefer to fix the problem, but this may be the only option)?

lhsPreloadSortIndex == -1 UnityEditor.BuildPipeline:BuildAssetBundleInternal(Object, Object[], String[], String, BuildAssetBundleOptions) UnityEditor.BuildPipeline:BuildAssetBundleInternal(Object, Object[], String[], String, BuildAssetBundleOptions) UnityEditor.BuildPipeline:BuildAssetBundle(Object, Object[], String, BuildAssetBundleOptions) BatchBuild:CreateAssetBundle(String, String, BuildAssetBundleOptions) (at Assets\Code\Editor\Build\BatchBuild.cs:164) BatchBuild:BuildAssetBundles() (at Assets\Code\Editor\Build\BatchBuild.cs:137) BatchBuild:Build() (at Assets\Code\Editor\Build\BatchBuild.cs:89) BuildMenu:BuildAll() (at Assets\Code\Editor\UI\BuildMenu.cs:40)

[....\Runtime\Misc\SaveAndLoadHelper.cpp line 2088]


restore.count (instanceID) UnityEditor.BuildPipeline:BuildPlayerInternal(String[], String, BuildTarget, BuildOptions) UnityEditor.BuildPipeline:BuildPlayerInternal(String[], String, BuildTarget, BuildOptions) UnityEditor.BuildPipeline:BuildPlayer(String[], String, BuildTarget, BuildOptions) BatchBuild:Build() (at Assets\Code\Editor\Build\BatchBuild.cs:91) BuildMenu:BuildAll() (at Assets\Code\Editor\UI\BuildMenu.cs:40)

[....\Runtime\Misc\SaveAndLoadHelper.cpp line 1883]

Hi, I am getting the exact same problem. Any chance you figured out what it was Bill?