C# Events System

Hello, I’m using “Windows Store Native” plug-in and it has some ‘events’ list.


In past, I used to this code line to work with events in Unity:

WSANativeInterstitialAd.ErrorOcurred += () =>

But now WSANativeInterstitialAd() have to take an argument;

WSAInterstitialAdType.Vungle or WSAInterstitialAdType.Microsoft

So, my code don’t work and it says:

error CS1593: Delegate `System.Action<CI.WSANative.Advertising.WSAInterstitialAdType>' does not take `0' arguments

error CS0019: Operator `+=' cannot be applied to operands of type `System.Action<CI.WSANative.Advertising.WSAInterstitialAdType>' and `anonymous method'

I don’t have information about events, It’s too complicated me and I don’t know what “+=” or “=>” are mean in C#.
How can I work my code again and can you explain events in easy way?

I solve my problem. I should declare the Interstitial type to event but I didn’t know how can I.

WSANativeInterstitialAd.AdReady += ( WSAInterstitialAdType testad ) =>

                    if  ( testad == WSAInterstitialAdType.Vungle)

Thanks for all. I study more with your informations.

Are you finally solved that?
Should i put this OnEnable?