C# for beginners in Unity for multi-platforms?

I want to point out that I know this is a common question that people may be fed up of but this is targeted as in relation to asking about using this language along with multiple ports platforms as in Android & PC, which I couldn’t find a post about C# as a beginner language relating to asking if its a good language to work with porting to those platforms and if it is possible etc.

Basically I wanted to ask if my decision of C# is wise for my first language to learn. I’ve dabbled with Python and HTML in Coleg (College) IT BTEC Level 2 and frankly enjoyed it, I do know that I enjoy coding as I’ve had practices with them before with the super simple stuff. As far as I know in the Unity features you can port to Android and other platforms such as PC using their features. So as far as I understood was that C# was mainly a programming language used for the Windows OS but due to having the Unity Software, it can port to those devices to those features it has. Am I right or am I missing something here?

Would you recommend a different programming language for me to try instead for programming. I really want to study programming for my own hobby and education for game development and simple applications to create on computers. So any suggestions? If it helps I really want to know a programming language that is popular and may come in handy when it comes to career in the future as a skill or one that I can use that can be used in all platforms as I mainly want to create games on Android but also to try out in PC.

I also have a group of friends who’re great at animation and modelling which they’ve even wanted me to learn coding in the Unity (as they’re also fans of Unity) to mess around with their stuff in the way future. I really want to take up coding and I’ve been there and back at different bits of coding languages and tutorials to get a sense of it. I really liked Python and HTML as they were easy when I first tried learning them way back but I understand that it’s not a programming language supported by the Unity Software. So I’m just asking what do you think as a C# language for my proper first language to learn? Many thanks for reading!

Just learn c#.