C# generics and getters/setters with Unity iPhone

Is there any reason why I shouldn't use generics and/or getters and setters in Unity for iPhone?

Any performance hitsI should be expecting?


However, in my experience, if you use too many C#-specific features, such as what you mentioned, event handlers, and lambda expressions, the game won't run on the device, despite running fine in the Editor. You'll get a SIGABRT error, and one frame won't even be rendered (as can happen with a SIGBUS). The Unity logo will be seen, if you don't have Pro, but that's it. Support has not been able to give me any guidelines on this. Everything works in isolation; it comes from everything adding up, as far as I can tell. Because I can't run a game that I put a lot of work into already, I am starting a new project, with the assumption that this will happen, as it gets more complex; I will be building frequently, trying to identify the straw of code that breaks the Unity iOS's back. I will try to remember to update about that, here, when it happens.