C# get universal time

Hello guys,

I am working on an MMO that will feature different timezones that are related to realworld times… now the thing is, I don’t just want to use DateTime.Now or anything, because that would mean the players have control over their clients ingame time, so I’d rather want toknow if there is any efficient way of getting time from a static timezone (let’s say UTC) and convert that in my scripts to my needs so that every user see’s the sunset at the exact same moment? Maybe with syncing everything up every now and then (maybe each hour).

Any suggestions and constructive discussions are welcome, thanks!


i believe this is the one you are looking for

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System;

public class UTC: MonoBehaviour 
	void Update()
		print (DateTime.UtcNow);

For others with this same problem.

I found useful this:


in connection with this:


Best solution is as always the easiest