(C#) How can I make a rich text autotyper for an rpg dialogue box?

I am trying to create an autotyper script to display what characters are saying on the screen using a dialogue box (If you don’t know what an autotyper is, it’s what most rpg games use to display each letter of a sentence one at a time, as if it was being typed). I want it to be using the rich text UI element (optional bold, italics, color changes, etc. ). For an example of what I am talking about, I want it to be similar to this (old code) how to make text that is writen automatically, letter by letter - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions , but using rich text instead. It will need to be able to have interchangeable fonts and be at least somewhat easy to use. So, can anyone help get me started? (If this has been answered before, please provide a link, but I couldn’t find this anwhere.)

UI Text components have a Rich Text property, which is enabled by default. Use markups to decorate the text. For example: <size=30>Some <color=yellow>RICH</color> text</size>


Unfortunately, I don’t know any ways to use multiple fonts in the same UI Text. You may have to get creative and use multiple UI Text in the same dialogue if you want multiple fonts.