[C#] How do i animate my cloud to go up and down?

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How do i get my cloud to move up and down automatically based on a delay of a few seconds?
(I’d like to use C#, not javascript or boo)

So on your cloud object, create a new C# script called “BounceObject” and add this code below in

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class BounceObject : MonoBehaviour
	public bool Move = true;    ///gives you control in inspector to trigger it or not
	public Vector3 MoveVector = Vector3.up; //unity already supplies us with a readonly vector representing up and we are just chaching that into MoveVector
	public float MoveRange = 2.0f; //change this to increase/decrease the distance between the highest and lowest points of the bounce
	public float MoveSpeed = 0.5f; //change this to make it faster or slower

    private BounceObject bounceObject; //for caching this transform
	Vector3 startPosition; //used to cache the start position of the transform
	void Start()
        bounceObject = this;
	    startPosition = bounceObject.transform.position;
	void Update()
		if(Move) //bool is checked
                     //See if you can work out whats going on here, for your own enjoyment
			bounceObject.transform.position = startPosition + MoveVector * (MoveRange * Mathf.Sin(Time.timeSinceLevelLoad * MoveSpeed));


Tested Working in Unity 4.3.2 f1 on 08/03/2014
So …I hope that helps you bud…
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