C# | How to delay a method with parameters

I got a line of code that is basicly a component from inside this main component, calling a method from that component while passing a parameter from this component. Here:

posCard place = DropZone.GetComponent<posCard>();
				place.AddCardEnemy (card);

Now, how to delay this line, if Invoke only takes methods without params and Coroutine needs an IEnum?

Create a new coroutine method that waits a given amount of time and then calls the method:

public IEnumerator AddCardEnemyDelayed(float t, posCard place, Card card)
    yield return new WaitForSeconds(t);

//This can then be called by:
StartCoroutine(AddCardEnemyDelayed(1f, place, card));

This class will allow you to extend any monobehaviour and run delayed coroutines with parameters:

public static class MonoBehaviourExt
    public static IEnumerator DelayedCoroutine(this MonoBehaviour mb, float delay, System.Action a)
        yield return new WaitForSeconds(delay);

    public static Coroutine RunDelayed(this MonoBehaviour mb, float delay, System.Action a)
        return mb.StartCoroutine(mb.DelayedCoroutine(delay, a));

    //public class Buff: MonoBehaviour
    //  public void OnBuff()
    //  {
    //      StopAllCoroutines();
    //      Debug.Log("buffed");
    //      this.RunDelayed(2f,() => {
    //          Debug.Log("Debuffed");
    //      });
    //  }