C# how to have a part of an object rotate while animation is being played

i wanted to know how i can rotate an characters pelvis for an fps game while an animation is playing

Check out this tutorial provided by Unity. I followed it along and remember that it used an animation controller and when one animation was playing, then another triggered, you could freeze the animation of a certain limb object and have the animation completely override the whole.

Example. Player is walking about, legs, arms and head all in motion, then next animation is called “waving hand”. While this is called the animation controller restricts movement in the arms and lets the “waving hand” animation play, thus creating an animation where the player is walking and using the wave animation.

Tutorial: Unity Connect

Just watch the video regarding player animation. Should be helpful.

I rotated it with late update, this is actually very old, don’t even have that model or project anymore, but this is how I did it if you want to know