C# how to save values to a File and Load Values from a File

Hi Everyone,I have a question on my mind. Say Like I have 3 integers how would I go about saving them to a file and loading them from a file? If possible could you please explain how it all works through comments? I have seen examples of how it is done but still I don’t
understand how it all works.

I would say the preferred way to do this would be to use PlayerPrefs rather than an actual text file.

Well you can still use Playerprefs for saving any value.Arrays objects etc.You just have to encode your data and save it as stinrg.Then when you want to load it back you can decode it and assign to your variables.

But if you are looking for a complete solution that works,free,easy and quite good you can give a try to http://whydoidoit.com/unityserializer/