C# Incrementing a String Array

Hi everyone, is there a way to increment a string array? Every time the MoveUpOne button is pressed I want someString to increment to the next element of the string Array.Can that be done?

public String someString;
public String[] someArray;

void Start(){
someString = someArray[0];
someArray = new string[]{"text","text2","text3"};
void OnGUI(){
if (GUILayout.Button("MoveUpOne", GUILayout.Width(50), GUILayout.Height(25))){
//Make someString increment from someArray[0] to someArray[1] and so on

Keep a separate variable that stores the current index into someArray. Increment that variable, then set someString to the array value at that index.

int someStringIndex;

void OnGUI()
  if (GUILayout.Button("MoveUpOne", GUILayout.Width(50), GUILayout.Height(25)))
    someString = someArray[someStringIndex];

You will need to make sure someStringIndex doesn’t go beyond the end of the array.