c# internal - Assembly Assignment

I would like to make use of the c# internal modifier, which only makes sense if I have control over assemblies. Therefore my question is: Is there a way to control which c# script goes into which assembly?

You can create your assemblies in any normal c# IDE (e.g. Visual c#, Monodevelop, or any text editor and the mono/.net compilers), then use the dll with unity.

Otherwise no - there are only a couple of different dlls for the runtime compilation, the first pass compilation (when you put scripts into Plugins, Standard Assets, etc), and the normal compilation (Anywhere else). Those really aren't much use for the internal modifier

I just found out the hard way that internal access modifiers using in Plugins are NOT visible to regular scripts. I believe this is new to 3.4, though it could be a Pro thing as we updated to both at the same time.

This is really cool, though it was my only way of hiding things from the inspector but showing them in the debug tab…oh well, I’ll take that trade!


[HideInInspector] public

to hide it in inspector but show it in debug.