[C#] Is it possible to instantiate a scene?

More accurately can I instantiate a scene; make a copy and call it through script for it to load. I would like to make it a default scene, with the basics (Skybox and some GUI). But I would like copies of this same scene to be loaded for a multiplayer purpose game.

You can create a new scene with those things in it, add it to build settings and then call it by Application.LoadLevel(“name”);

But I don’t think it’s possible to create an empty scene by code.

you need networking for this to happen, check out Photon

this uy made some nice tutorials for using photon, while it doesn’t really fit a card game, the principles are exactly the same. if you made a scene that instantiated a copy of itself, it would have that code in it, to instantiate another, and another, and another, finally your program would become sentient and start plotting its way into the internet to take over the world and destroy humanity, do the world a favour and look up the networking!

For editor applications you can use this NewScene.

For runtime applications you can simply load a blank scene and build the entire scene via code. Another option to explore is pseudo scenes. Make multiple areas within the same scene and move the camera about as needed.

Instantiating a scene really doesn’t make sense, as your game can only be in one scene at a time.