[C#] Is there a way to call static variables directly, independent from parent class?

For example, if you have a static class that is named UtilityClass that has a public method named MethodA, you call the method as shown in the following example: UtilityClass.MethodA();

(Taken from: Static Classes and Static Class Members (C# Programming Guide))

But, is there a way to call that variable “directly” like MethodA() without adding UtiliyClass. at beginning?

Thanks in advance.

**Edit:** I asked for variables, but i used a method for example above. Sorry about that. I mean this:
public static class A
   public static int B;

I know i must call it like “A.B” but i want to use it directly as “B”.

It sounds like you’re looking for the ability to “static import” a class. C# 6.0 will have this but Unity will not have that for some time.

In the mean time you can use an alias to at least shorten the size…
e.g. “using Diag = System.Diagnostics;”

No, you can’t do that.

No, except inside the class with the static method, or a subclass.

Whatever language you’re using, it needs to know where the names of things comes from. I guess something like using-directives for individual methods could’ve existed, but that’s not the case.