c# Length of a transform array

Hey, I’m not sure what’s going on here.
Say I have an integer array:
int x;
I can then get its length by saying:
For some reason though, when I change the type to transform:
Transform x;
x.length no longer works.
Why is this and how can I get the length of the array? Or, do I have to have to arrays, one of Vector3’s and another of Quatonians to get an array of objects positions and rotations? Thanks.

x.Length should always work, whatever type you use (as long as x is an array, of course). Suggestion: don’t name an array with a one-letter word, especially x, y or z which have other meaning.

Make sure the array exists. Defining it is not enough, you need to allocate the memory with the new keyword:

Transform[] _transformArray = new Transform[10]; // array of size 10