C# library expose public class

EDIT: I tried to make my question clearer:

I made a C# .dll library. The layout look something like this:

namespace MyLibrary{
	public class MyClass1{
	public class MyClass2{
	static public class MyStaticClass{

The library itself is fully functional.

Now, after I add my new library into the Plugins folder. I expect to see a single file, “MyLibrary.dll”.
What actually show up is a Parent file “MyLibrary.dll” along with Child files/scripts “MyClass1” and “MyClass2”.
Inspector example.

Is there any way to ‘hide/obfuscate’ the public class within my namespace? I would like it to show up as a
unified file, rather than expose my public class.

Thanks everyone for the help. Though like every single questions I asked on UA, the problem was me.

Turns out extending ScriptableObject expose your public class in the Inspector. I simply changed so I extend System.Object and it now behave the way I want it to:

My .dll library now show up as a single file.

Many thanks to those who care enough to try and understand my silly questions!